Employment Training

Stay legally compliant by offering an employment training seminar for your company. Some of our interactive and engaging courses offered are sexual harassment, anger management, effective communication, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and much more.

Individual Coaching

We help individuals manage the impressions that their behavior creates and offer skills to improve interpersonal interactions. This personalized program aims magnify strengths and minimize behaviors that hinder success. Our goal is to create your ideal environment to achieve personal goals.

Executive Advisory

Our Executive Advisory services aim to strengthen leadership teams and offer advice on how best to resolve conflict within the workplace.
Our coaches use assessments, interviews, and question-based dialogue to help uncover what roadblocks exist and which skills or resources are a priority for the individual’s success.


Conflict Coaching Company will assist in settling a dispute through active participation of a third party (mediator) who will work to find points of agreement and help those in conflict agree on a fair result.