Maurice Elamrani

Director of Communications

Maurice Elamrani is an organizational communication specialist and people enthusiast. He believes that the value of a life is determined by how many lives you affect positively, and has spent his life attempting to do so.

A Sacramento local, Maurice began his career working and volunteering at human and animal welfare organizations such as Health for All Inc, Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and other similar non-profit organizations to include a Communications Internship at Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services.

Continuing his mission of assisting others, he later served his country by volunteering in the USMC as an active duty Marine. His time in Washington, D.C. proved invaluable as he was able to develop skills pertaining to leadership, public speaking, working with and leading diverse teams, the unwillingness to give up, and a deeper appreciation for human life and human struggle.

Maurice’s personable approach to facilitating alongside a genuine passion for helping others led to the pursuit and completion educational goals in Organization Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Speaking, and Managing Diversity in the Workplace. He utilizes his education and acquired skills at Conflict Coaching Company as the Director of Communications; where his professional goal is to empower others with skills needed to communicate effectively, empathetically, and lead lives that will contribute to their idea of personal and professional growth.