A Little Of Our Story

We at Conflict Coaching Company are passionate about empowering others with the skills needed to overcome conflict in their lives albeit personal, professional, or intimate. We offer a variety of services to our corporate clients to include executive advisory, employment training, and leadership development. Need a little one on one help? No problem, we offer individual coaching services as well.

Our Company Values

Here at C3 we use our passion for helping others alongside the latest techniques in interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and leadership to train and encourage an environment that is safe, effective, and full of positive social interactions. It’s our belief that every person deserves that right and we enjoy doing our part to make it so.

Our Team

Karen Harold

The Conflict Coach & Traveling Trainer

Karen Harold is a private mediator, professional facilitator, and the founder of Conflict Coaching Company.  Known as “The Conflict Coach”, Karen specializes in resolving high conflict personal and professional dispute resolution, and conflict resolution coaching.  She also has years of experience working with high conflict co-parenting, facilitating family law and workplace mediation, domestic violence prevention education, in addition to conflict communication coaching with couples and families.

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Maurice Elamrani

Director of Communications

Maurice Elamrani is an organizational communication specialist and people enthusiast. He believes that the value of a life is determined by how many lives you effect positively and has spent his life attempting to do so. Maurice’s personable approach to facilitating alongside a genuine passion for helping others led to the pursuit and completion educational goals in Organization Communication, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Public Speaking, and Managing Diversity in the Workplace.

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Effective Communication  Solves A Problem. Poor Communication Will Create One.

Conflict Coaching Company is dedicated to empowering others with skills to resolve conflict in their life and create an environment that encourages and maintains success.