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November 2017

Day of Thanks

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Thanksgiving is and will always be my favorite holiday. The day is filled with family, gratitude, and amazing food; everyday should be this way. It’s a day of peace where everyone rejects on whats good in their life at that very moment. In my family we hold on to the tradition of gathering in a circle and taking turns saying what we are thankful for. It may seem corny while your doing it, but it is also ┬ánourishing for the soul and teaches the kids to be thankful and appreciative.

Every year we also make it a point to give back anyone in need. For the past two years we’ve done that by making lunches and passing them out directly to the homeless on the streets of San Diego. The feeling you get is indescribable and it allows my family to see with their own eyes that life could be a lot tougher, gaining perspective and building empathy.

Give Thanks by Giving Back

Whatever your tradition, have a great day and loving Thanksgiving.